With over 30 years of contractor and construction experience, the owner has successfully completed thousands of remodels, renovations and newly constructed single family homes.

Our Journey

David Strain


David Strain gained his early experience in construction while attending Mississippi State University. He worked for a local developer, Dan Camp, owner of The Cotton District. Strain literally learned from the ground up by first digging and pouring foundations, then framing roofing, drywall and painting. The early experience helped shape the direction of his construction career. After graduating collage in 1989, Strain moved to Sun valley, Idaho where he continued honing his skills by working with crew building large scale log houses for the affluent and celebrity homeowners.

In 1998 he relocated back to Mississippi to assist with ailing parents and began buying single-family houses. In the early stages of real estate investing, Strain completed all of the renovation work himself. By 2008, he has purchased, renovated and sold over 500 houses with the help of 24 employees.


After the financial crash of 2008, Strain continued his remodel business for homeowners and small commercial businesses. In 2012, he formed Tayco Group LLC and took his skillset to Dallas, TX where he began remodeling single-family houses for large REITS, namely American Homes 4 Rent, Colony Homes, Waypoint Homes and other local property management companies. Tayco successfully renovated over 750 houses from 2012 to 2016. Strain sold Tayco Construction, LLC to his business partner in 2016


Tradeco Contractor Solution, LLC will surpass all successful operations to date due to continued learning, experience and strategic partnerships.