Foundation Lift, Level & Stabilization Void Fill

When your house is lifted with press piers or any other method of pilings, ALL of the weight of your house is constantly pressing on these small areas resulting in continued sinking.  By filling the void created after lifting, we can displace the weight of the house over a larger area, thereby stopping the problem. Our high-density polyurethane foam can lift and support 14,000 lbs per cubic foot.  Many times, if your house is not too out of level, Tradeco can strategically pump foam under your foundation to stabilize and support your home without the added expense of traditional lifting meathods. 

If your home is out of level, we can lift it back into place.  Then we backfill with our high-density polyurethane foam to ensure it stays in place.  When we complete these proven meathods of lifting, leveling and stabilizing, we are so confident that your house will not move, we back it by our LifeTime Transferable Warranty. This warranty passes with ownership of the house no matter how many times it is sold.


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Tradeco Solutions

Offers our customers the most economical way to raise & level all concrete with no destructive footprint.

Parking Lots - Sidewalks - Driveways - Steps - Patios - Pool Decking - Foundations - Warehouse flooring

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